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TruEstimators provides an easy way for homeowners and business owners to get multiple bids for their projects by having one single on-site visit. Often times, you’re left spending your entire day meeting with multiple contractors just to get competitive estimates. With TruEstimators, you meet with our estimator who will then take all of your project’s details and pics to share with our network of contractors. We strive to provide you with 3 to 5 bids for your project within 72 hours from meeting with a TruEstimators rep. Below you will find answers to common questions:

How much does TruEstimators’ service cost?

It’s completely free to you! No, seriously. We do not charge you a fee for our service. We will visit your property at the scheduled time and provide all project details to our network of contractors. Contractors pay for our service since we are assisting them in finding potential clients and their estimates.

Do Contractors pay to join your network?

No, contractors do not pay join our network. Contractors either request to have their company considered by us or we reach out to them after doing a thorough review of their company. Contractors only pay us when their bid is accepted by a client. If their bid is not accepted, then contractors do not pay for our service.

How long does the process take?

We strive to deliver your estimate within 3 business days from when you meet with a TruEstimators rep. Contractor in our network are required to review and submit their bid within 2 business days from receipt. If a Contractor is late on multiple occasions provide us with their bid, we will remove them from our network.

Who provides the final invoice and receives payment?

TruEstimators does not accept payment from clients. Clients will enter into a contractual obligation directly with the Contractor they choose and will submit all payments directly to them. Any issues that arise throughout the project, will be handled between the Client and the Contractor. TruEstimators can not assist in any contractual disagreements and will not be held legally liable.

Can you explain the process?

First, Clients schedule an appointment with a TruEstimators rep. A TruEstimators rep will meet with the Client to fully understand the project and collect all relevant information. TruEstimators will then provide all details to its network of Contractors and request bids. After receiving all bids, TruEstimators will provide the Client will an estimate. The Client can decide to select a Contractor from the estimate or they may decide to not move forward with anyone. If the Client chooses a TruEstimators’ Contractor, a TruEstimators rep will schedule a project walk-through. During the walk-through, the Client will meet with the Contractor and a TruEstimators rep to ensure that everyone is aligned. The Contractor will provide the Client with the contract for signing. Once the contract is signed and a project start date has been established, the Client will provide a deposit. The Contractor will begin completing the project on the start date and will provide the Client a final invoice upon completion. Client will submit final payment to the Contractor and provide a review on the Contractor’s TruEstimators page.

What if I have a bad experience with a TruEstimators Contractor?

In the event that a TruEstimators’ Contractor provides less than favorable service, please alert TruEstimators immediately. The Contractor may be removed from our network after a thorough investigation. If a Client believes that legal action should be taken against the Contractor, we recommend that the Client handles all legal matters directly with the Contractor.

I liked the Contractor I used. Do I have to contact TruEstimators for future projects?

No, you do not. If you enjoyed the quality of service from A TruEstimators’ Contractor, you can contact them directly for all future projects. If you would like us to provide you multiple bids, including one from the Contractor you prefer, then schedule an appointment with a TruEstimators rep to begin the process.